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Furniture & Decor

Project Overview

Xenon LiDe is an Online furniture marketplace. They sell designers furniture that are elegant and high quality. The brand were in need for an identity that will communicate its value and personality to their target customers.

xenon li de logo

We started the design process by exploring differnt marks that could fit the brand.

We know that we have to find a great brand first that we can work with then, we can work on our typography and other brand elements.

Xenon LiDe mark grid system
Xenon LiDe Grid System
Xenon LiDe logo safe space
Xenon LiDe Logo Variations

The mark we landed was a mark that reflects the concept of the name ‘Xenon’ which a specifi type of light with a letter ‘X’.

We then explored some logo type concepts that could work with the mark and make it stand out. We landed on this elegant and luxurious logotype that works well with the simple and clean logo mark we created.

Xenon LiDe Typography System
Xenon LiDe Color Palette
Xenon LiDe Pattern Design
Xenon LiDe Business card Design
Xenon LiDe Elegant and modern Stationary design
xenon li de instagram post templates