Hello there,

I'm Mohd Hamdi

A brand and web designer and the founder of Hamdi Designs.

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My Values


Less is more

Simplicity is key in design, especially in branding and logo design. I believe in simplicity and I like making things simple for my clients.


Collaboration is key

Good branding projects require good communication and collaboration between the client and the designer. I like working hand and hand with my clients to bring the best design.


Designing with passion

Passion is what drives me to keep creating. I love design and I like seeing my work go into the real world. It's very satisfying.

A self-taught brand designer from Yemen living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Mohd Hamdi is a specialist brand designer and the founder of Hamdi designs. He started his own business to practice his passion for design and help businesses stand out and build strong and iconic brand identities. 


Through his design business which started in Aug 2018, Mohd has successfully helped different companies worldwide in various industries like fashion, food, and tech to bring their vision to life.


Being a self-taught brand designer and business owner who started his own business from scratch in Aug 2018, he knows how crucial design is to a business’s success.


A strong believer in simplicity and functional design, Mohd is proud to create and bring strategic and solution-driven designs to the world. In addition to brand identity design, he worked on other design projects such as social media, app, and website design.

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