2021-2022 Logofolio

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Multiple services



Project Overview

This is a collection of logos and designs that I have created over the course of the past two years. It features my best design that I’m proud to share here. Have fun!
logo design for a carpet company called sajjad
geometric logo mark design
logo design for seller claims
S and C monogram design
a wordmark design for "the Office"
logo design for AXD
brand mark design for a data collecting and analyzing company
logotype design for a cosmetic brand
L B G monogram design for a cosmetic brand
logo design for solo creative
letter mark design for a web development agency
logo design for bibana
logo design for latteo cafe
monogram design for a coffee shop
wordmark design for homdio
monogram design for a gadget online store
Custom logotype design for Bounce
B letter mark design for a phone case online store
logotype design for smile brush
smily tooth mark for an online store that sells electric brushes
tall logotype design for luke's iced coffee
ice brand mark for an Iced coffee brand
Goat logo design concept
Seal logo design concept
Lama logo design concept
Lizard logo design concept

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