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Fashion and Luxury

Project Overview

Pavon is a fictional brand in Edinburgh, UK that makes unique watches for people who want to feel special and stand out from the crowd. The company needed a full identity that can showcase their vision and communicate their believes.

Pavon Watches design direction stylescape

We chose an elegant and modern direction for Pavon. 

The black & white colors give the modern touch to the brand while the green color gives it the unique touch it needs to stand out. 

Pavon Watches logo mark concept on peacock
Pavon Watches logo mark grids

Why the name 'Pavon'

PAVON is a Latin word that means PEACOCK. I chose this name because it refers to a very unique and elegant animal winch is the peacock, I think the name plays very well for the brand.

Besides the name, the logo mark itself is also derived from the peacock head or crown. 

Pavon Watches logotype grids
Pavon Watches logo safe sapce
Pavon Watches logotype concept
pavon watches logo variations
Pavon Watches elegant and modern stationary design
Pavon Watches business card design
Pavon Watches envelope graphic design
Pavon Watches icon set
Pavon Watches pattern design
Pavon Watches social media posts
Pavon Watches product design
Pavon Watches package design
Pavon Watches elegant logotype design
Pavon Watches Logo Animation