Project Overview

Sajjad is an Arabic carpet brand, that makes all sorts of east-designed carpets. This was a passion project I created to improve my skills and face new challenges. The challenge here was to create a brand that reflects the Arabic history and make sure it works in both Arabic and English.

sajjad logotype grid

‘Sajjad’ is the Arabic word for carpet. I had to create a logotype that shows the Arabic heritage. I also had to create a logo for the Arabic version of the word. The Arabic and English versions needed to feel like one brand.

arabic calligraphy

This logotype was inspired by Arabic calligraphy. The long stem is a remarkable element in the Arabic calligraphic so I wanted to use that in the logotype to bring the Arabic heritage to the brand.

sajjad logotype calligraphy details
arabic carpet design

This dark red color and beige is something you commonly see in Arabic and Turkish carpets. This color palette shows the heritage of the Arabic carpets and it looks elegant and antique which works with the Sajjad brand.

Sajjad Brand Identity style guide

We also needed a brand mark that can stand out and can work as a pattern for the brand touchpoints. This geometric logo mark was inspired by the geometry used in the Arabic and Turkish carpets.

sajjad logo lockups
sajjad logotype colors
sajjad stationery including business card, letterhead, envelope, and pen
Sajjad business card design
sajjad id card design
sajjad label design
sajjad instagram page design
Sajjad Instagram Post Templates
sajjad email signature
sajjad vehicle design
sajjad logo mockup
sajjad thank you card design