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Identity, Stationery, Collateral, Web design, UI / UX, Social Media


Jan 2023

Project Overview

Zubro is a banking app based in Germany that allows people to receive money from anywhere in the world. It gives them the ability to manage their money.
The app also gives people points for each transaction they make. Those points can be exchanged later for real money.
Zubro logo color variations
logo design concept that represents three elements: people, reword (diamond), and community
Zubro geometric logo mark design
Zubro Logo design lockups, one horizontal and the other is a stacked version.
Different logo lockups for Zubro
Logo mark grid system
Zubro's color palette includes the following brand colors: white, blue, orange, and purple.
stationery design that includes letterhead, business card, envelope, pins, and cd.
dark blue business card design front and back
dark blue and light blue business card design shot.
Dark blue ID card with circular pattern
advertising design
Instagram page and posts design
Instagram posts and stories design
facebook page design for Zubro
App icon design featuring a geometric and abstract shape
Splash screens for a banking app
App ui design for a banking app
hero section of a banking app website design
web design for a banking app
Brand collateral for Zubro
3 credit card designs, white, blue, and dark blue.
3 credit card designs, white, blue, and dark blue.
Poster designs for Zubro
Poster designs for Zubro
brand photography with coins flowing around.
Billboard design for a banking app
street billboard design mockup for a banking app
banking app ui elements.

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