StreamWare Identity

gradient background with a logo on it

Industry Services Date Project Overview StreamWare is a revolutionary cloud-based computer that offers the best computing experience from any device connected to the internet. With StreamWare, users can seamlessly access their applications, files, and data from anywhere in the world, without the need for expensive hardware or complicated software installations.  The company needed an identity that […]

Zubro Identity Design

Mobile app design for a finance app on iPhone

Industry Services Date Project Overview Zubro is a banking app based in Germany that allows people to receive money from anywhere in the world. It gives them the ability to manage their money. The app also gives people points for each transaction they make. Those points can be exchanged later for real money.   “>”>Let’s work together […]


sajjad logo mockup

Sajjad is an Arabic carpet brand, that makes all sorts of east-designed carpets. This was a passion project I created to improve my skills and face new challenges. The challenge here was to create a brand that reflects the Arabic history and make sure it works in both Arabic and English.